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MRIYA- covert HQ voice recorder in 5V2A travel adapter front side
  • MRIYA- covert HQ voice recorder in 5V2A travel adapter front side
  • MRIYA- covert HQ voice recorder in 5V2A travel adapter from other side
  • MRIYA- covert HQ voice recorder in 5V2A travel adapter

MRIYA- covert HQ voice recorder in 5V/2A travel adapter

Superior voice recorder with patented POWER SLEEP technology for long-lasting HQ MP3 recording, built into a normal functional 5V / 2A travel adapter.

The adapter is fully functional, serving as the most normal charger for mobile phones, tablets, or any 5V USB device.

Even the most detailed optical inspection cannot establish that something is installed inside. There are no holes or slots (not even for the microphone), no lights, no moving parts, no screws, and the device cannot be opened in any way except to be physically destroyed.

Switching on and off is done remotely by a specially coded USB cable, the device does not have any switches on it.

Downloading recordings, switching ON the device, and adjusting the recording parameters are only possible with the special coded USB cable that comes with the device.

The built-in LiIon rechargeable battery allows the device to record even when the adapter is unplugged from the 220 V socket.

With the help of POWER SLEEP technology, the battery is almost not consumed until there is no sound and the device does not record.

When disconnected from the 220V socket, the device can record for 100 hours (when there is sound present, and when it does not record (no sound) the battery can last up to 2000 hours.

Each plugging in the 220V socket recharges the battery, if it is completely empty, the battery is fully charged in just 4 hours when plugged into the 220V socket.

The device records sound activation, the sensitivity of which can be adjusted in 5 steps. Each recording is located in a separate file and has a date and time of creation.



When recording/sound present:

- 300h if plugged in 220 V SOCKET;

- 100h if unplugged.

In the standby mode/no sound:

- unlimited duration if plugged in 220 V SOCKET;

- 2000h if unplugged.



5V / 2A USB travel adapter with hidden HQ voice recorder inside;

MP3 recording format (128kbps);

ALC preamplifier for the superb recording of even quiet conversations;

Voice-activated recording (adjustable sensitivity in 5 steps);

Each recording is in a separate file with a date and time stamp;

Special PC software for adjusting recording quality, the sensitivity of activation to sound, date and time;

BLACK BOX design, without any marks, holes, or moving parts on the device for complete discretion;

Encrypted USB Charging and Listening Cable;

Made in the EU.


Dimensions: 70x44x23 mm

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