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The PR-150 - miniature phone call recorder for landline

The PR-150 is a miniature spy phone call recorder for landlines, the latest generation with digital recording on its own memory. Unlike the smaller PR-75 model, the PR-150 model has a larger battery, which increases its recording autonomy to 150 hours of clean talk time. To start working, the recording device for the landline needs to be connected anywhere to the telephone line in the same way as if it were a normal telephone. It can be plugged into one of the free sockets or connected somewhere to a telephone cable via classic telephone splitters.

Recording starts working with the phone ringing if it is an incoming call or at the beginning of dialing a number if it is an outgoing call. The recording ends about 10 seconds after the handset is hung up.

The miniature digital telephone recorder PR-150 records all conversations in HQ (high quality) MP3, on its internal memory, each recording has the date and time of creation and the length of the conversation.

The phone recorder device is powered by a built-in rechargeable battery that can withstand 150 hours of clean recording or 4000 hours of standby time.

The recordings are listened to by connecting the phone recorder device to a computer via a special encrypted USB cable, which gives you complete discretion if someone finds the device. Without that encrypted USB cable, the device cannot be connected to a computer or recharge its batteries.

Charging the batteries is done with the same USB cable, and it takes 3-4 hours to fully charge the batteries.

After listening to the recordings, you can save them on your computer, delete the device memory, charge the batteries, and the device is ready to record again.

The PR-75s phone recorder device for a landline is another type of phone recorder device offered by Secureee, smaller but with shorter recording autonomy.


The PR - 150 phone recorder for landline connected anywhere to a telephone line or to a free telephone socket records both incoming and outgoing conversations. The battery lasts for 150 hours of clean talk time or 4000 hours of standby time.



Dimensions 50 * 35 * 20 mm;

Battery life of 150 hours of pure recording and 4000 hours of standby time;

LiIon rechargeable battery;

Recording in HQ MP3 quality;

Each recording has a date and time of creation and the duration of the conversation;

Listening to recordings possible on any computer;

Easy connection anywhere on the phone network;

Encrypted USB cable and BLACK BOX design (without any markings on it) for maximum discretion;

Made in the EU.

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