CR series

The CR SLEEPER collection of voice recorders has a built-in patented power sleep function, which permits the device to consume virtually no battery whereas there isn't a sound. With this feature, great battery autonomy is achieved, which might final up to a few months in sleep mode.

The CR collection of voice recording units has HQ MP3 sound quality and has the possibility to activate the sound. The sound activation sensitivity itself may be adjusted in 5 steps utilizing the provided PC software. In addition to all the above, the CR series of spy voice recorders are built into a strong housing bolstered with carbon fiber, a black box design with no markings on it for optimum discretion. The device is connected to the PC and the batteries are charged utilizing an encrypted USB cable, which in flip ensures that an unauthorized person can't listen to the recordings or charge the voice recording device in any way. CR collection is made in 3 models that differ in size and durability of built-in batteries, recording autonomy from 75 to 300 hours and autonomy in sleep mode 1800-6000 hours.

The CR SLEEPER recorders has a built-in patented power sleep function

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