Secureee offers a wide selection of GSM listening spy devices and spy bugs, for professionals but also for personal use, with unique specifications due to infinity transmitting since they have integrated unlimited distance and extremely long audio monitoring capabilities.


    Wifi audio bug is the latest generation of audio monitoring device without distance limitation.

    Until now, devices for discrete long-distance audio monitoring were mainly based on SIM cards and GSM networks.

    With the progress of WIFI technology, WIFI audio monitoring has now become the technically advanced and much better than GSM models.

    The monitoring device is placed in the monitored room, very easily paired with your router via mobile application, and is ready to work.

    Through the mobile application you can:

    * listen live to what is happening in the room in super HQ sound quality
    * be notified when a sound occurs in the monitored area
    * listen to and download all recorded events
    * change all settings on the device

     In addition to these main functionalities, the application also offers you the following:

    Adjusting the activation sensitivity to sound
    Turning the notification on and off
    Formatting the SD card, viewing the occupied memory
    Remote listening and downloading of recordings on an SD card
    Choice of operating mode, continuous mode or low power mode
    Adjusting the duration of the recording
    Battery charge overview
    Easily share device access with whomever you allow

    Advantages of wifi audio monitoring compared to GSM audio devices:

    * Incomparably higher sound quality in live listening
    * no SIM cards, subscriptions, costs, PIN activation and other problems that accompanied GSM models
    * They do not depend on operators and their 2G or 4G networks
    * The WiFi signal strength in your space is maximum and under your control, unlike GSM networks
    * Recording directly to the SD card and downloading recordings via the application
    * With Loop recording function and recording with sound activation,

    Disadvantages of Wifi audio devices compared to GSM devices:

    *They must be in a place where there is a Wifi signal, so it will be difficult to work in a vehicle or on the person

    According to the power supply mode, WIFI audio bug devices are divided into:

    * battery models: the device has a rechargeable LiIon battery that is consumed when you listen or when the device records. After the battery is used up, connect it to the charger and the device is ready to work again

    * models with constant power supply: by installing a wifi audio device in a device that is permanently connected to 220 V, you get constant monitoring 0-24 hours without worrying about battery consumption.
    We have ready-made models in a 220V extension cable or mobile phone charger, but we can also install them in any device that works on 220V


    Secureee has developed a huge selection of mini voice recording devices that differ in dimensions, battery autonomy, the autonomy of the recording medium, quality of the recording, and price.

    In situations where you wish to discreetly record a prime-high-quality soundtrack, you can clear up the issue elegantly and safely through the use of one of our miniature spy dictaphones.

    Secureee's miniature recorders/dictaphones are used for the discreet and secure recording of the conversations held in their proximity. Due to the minimal dimensions of the mini voice recorders, you can unnoticeably carry them if you wish to discretely record a meeting, or you possibly can depart them hidden in a room or vehicle to record the conversations held in your absence.


    Secureee 3G wearable Student Spy Camera is the latest edition with improved adapted lenses able to read any font from a 15-20 cm distance.

    Student button Spy 3G Camera is the smallest wearable spy camera, used for live video streaming communication via one mobile phone (in your pocket or bag) and needs to have a hotspot function enabled. This Student button Spy 3G Camera captures high-quality images enabling the exchange of instant information for covert communication.


    Phone recording devices for landlines are covert audio listening devices designed to automatically record telephone conversations that are made from your phone in your absence.

    The phone recording device for covert listening switches on and starts working by picking up the handset discretely records a conversation between both parties and is switching off by hanging up the handset. All conversations between both parties will be recorded, regardless of whether they were called from your phone or your phone was called. The hidden recording is performed on the internal memory of the recording device for the landline, and listening to the recorded material is done by connecting the recorder device to a computer.

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