Secureee offers a wide selection of GSM listening spy devices and spy bugs, for professionals but also for personal use, with unique specifications due to infinity transmitting since they have integrated unlimited distance and extremely long audio monitoring capabilities.

GSM audio devices and spy bugs for professional and personal use


  • THE CUBE series

    THE CUBE is the revolutionary series of GSM audio transmitters and listening devices intended for situations and counter surveillance where the dimension of the device itself is very important. 

    THE CUBE listening devices have remarkable miniature dimensions due to which they can be easily hidden (THE CUBE MINI is the smallest GSM transmitter in the world), these listening devices are suitable for hiding and could be used in cars and offices, but also could be hidden on a person or in the bag.

    In order to minimize dimensions and weight, we used the smallest possible batteries and instead placed the devices in a heat shrink tube.

    In THE CUBE Series of listening devices, you can choose from several models that vary in shape and dimensions and of course battery life.

  • THE ATOM series

    THE ATOM series unlike THE CUBE series are built into a carbon fiber reinforced plastic housing for maximum strength.

    They have larger batteries which allow them more autonomy. The ATOM 1200 has a GPS receiver for locating via GPS satellites and not just via LBS base stations. And finally, the Atom 1200 has a built-in 16Gb memory and the ability to record sound. This unique and special series of audio listening devices are intended for in-car use or installation in flats or offices. 

    In addition to all of the special features above, the ATOM 1200 has built-in memory that can also record audio with recording activation when the sound comes on. Activation of the recording function of the ATOM listening device starts simply by text message.

  • THE BURAN series

    Unlike the ATOM device, the BURAN series of audio eavesdropping listening devices have added extra features GPS locating and HQ voice recording which make them the best surveillance devices for your security.

    Special advantages along the audio listening and GPS locating, also is a built-in voice recorder module that can record sounds in its vicinity in HQ MP3 quality, with the possibility of activation to sound. Thus BURAN devices become unique multifunctional 3-in-1 audio eavesdropping listening devices. The BURAN audio eavesdropping listening devices are also built into a plastic carbon housing to which are added strong neodymium magnets for easy attachment to metal surfaces.

    Compared to the other eavesdropping listening devices the BURAN series are the best eavesdropping listening device since includes the coded cable so that no one can charge or read the recordings. Black box design without any indications makes it impossible to search for information about the device to see what it is about, which makes this eavesdropping audio device remarkably discrete.


    Secureee is a specialized spy store with custom personalized services and suggestions on where to and how to integrate all the above available spy listening devices, spy voice recorders, spy remote listening bugs, or any other surveillance device in your home, office, bathroom, cars as indoor or outdoor surveillance. 

    The spy listening devices, spy voice recorders, spy remote transmitters, or any other surveillance device can be concealed in any wanted object. We will suggest to you how to set up a spy GSM audio transmitter for the best remote audio surveillance and safety monitoring. Personalized services and suggestions for concealed audio monitoring system integration, and hiding GSM audio transmitters for the best spying are agreed upon in cooperation with you in order to solve your problems in the best and most efficient way.

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